Supplier News

  1. Marken Expands Clinical Trial Distribution Expertise
    Marken is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrea Zobel has joined Marken in the new role of Senior Director, CTD Operations.
  2. Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs Expands Its Services To Include 3D Printing
    Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs announced recently its new rapid prototyping service. The company is now offering 3D printing services with the addition of 3D Systems’ Projet™ HD 3000 3D Production System.
  3. Marken Appoints New Head Of Global Quality Assurance
    Marken announced recently that Steve Roese is named Vice President of Marken’s Global Quality Assurance organization, which will support Marken’s continued investment in their expanding network of pharmaceutical service depots around the world.
  4. Marken Inaugurates New Argentina Pharmaceutical Service Depot

    Marken continues their expansion of services in Latin America, by augmenting their GMP Compliant depot network with the newly purpose-built Buenos Aires facility.

  5. Marken Announces Its New Logistics Operating System: Maestro™
    Marken announced today that it has significantly upgraded its existing operating system with centralized web-based application exclusively designed for its growing supply chain organization. The system, known as ‘Maestro’ has an innovative flexible architecture which will enable extensive tracking of shipments, integrated documentation, client reporting and performance monitoring.
  6. ShockWatch® TempMark® 8 Selected Material Handling, Storage & Logistics Top Product At 2011 Europack Conference
    ShockWatch, a global leader in detecting and preventing damage in the logistics supply chain and storage of products, announced that its newest cold chain temperature monitor, the TempMark 8, has won the “Coup de Coeur, Produit Phare” (Show Favorite) award for Material Handling, Storage & Logistics at the 2011 Europack Conference.
  7. Marken Launches Solo™ For Management Of Clinical Trials Distribution
    Marken announced recently the launch of Solo™, their proprietary web based system used to manage the unique regulatory, inventory and operational supply chain complexities of clinical trials.
  8. Mocon 'Bundles' Permeation Units For Easy Entry Into OTR And WVTR Testing
    MOCON, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, has now made it easier for companies to add both oxygen and water vapor permeation testing capability in-house at an effective price point.
  9. Cole-Parmer Now Offering the NEW Qsonica Q55 Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor
    Conserve lab benchtop space with the new Qsonica Q55 Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor — measuring only eight inches wide and less than eight inches deep.
  10. Pre-Made Pouch Filling And Sealing Technology Advancements To Replace Traditional Cans And Glass Containers
    PTI Packaging Systems and Waldner GmbH & Co. recently gave a presentation on June 9 at the Global Pouch Forum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Jeffrey Crangle, general manager of PTI Packaging Systems, spoke about the technology advancements in pre-made pouch filling and sealing. By PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection