Supplier News

  1. ShockWatch 2 Helps Shippers Save Money And Detect Damage

    With a single glance at the new ShockWatch 2 impact indicator, you know whether a shipment was handled roughly.

  2. MOCON Partners With Australia’s Inspection Systems To Create New Certified Package-Testing Lab

    MOCON, Inc. and Inspection Systems, Melbourne, Australia have partnered to establish a certified lab for permeation, seal strength and leak detection testing for food and pharmaceutical packaging structures.

  3. Global Vision Introduces Scan Wet-Ink A State-Of-The-Art Wet Ink Roll Scanner For The Printing Industry

    Global Vision, the industry leader in the development of automated proofreading solutions, recently announced the release of its new custom wet ink roll scanner (Scan Wet-ink) for digital scanning of packaging components.

  4. MOCON Announces New Corporate, Subsidiary Branding To Support Growing Global Business

    MOCON, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of package integrity instrumentation, is introducing new corporate branding to better support its subsidiaries and global footprint.

  5. ShockWatch Inc. Expands International Presence With Opening Of ShockWatch Europe BV

    Already present in over 60 countries with a network of over 200 distributors, ShockWatch Inc. has expanded its European presence with the opening of its first international office, ShockWatch Europe BV. Long-time cold chain expert Peter van Buren has been appointed as General Manager & Director of Sales.

  6. X-Rite Launches New Color Light Booth To Improve Speed And Reduce Costs

    X-Rite, Incorporated has introduced the SpectraLight QC light booth and a training institute to give companies involved in global supply chains a superior way to visually evaluate the colors of samples for production readiness, helping to bring products to market quicker and reducing instances of waste.

  7. Marken Prepared For Growth In China

    Marken announced recently that it continues its expansion in China to meet the anticipated need for increased clinical trials logistics services.

  8. Wes Wheeler, Marken CEO, Speaks About Marken Expansion

    Marken passed an important milestone on 20 August 2012. With the launch of two new pharmaceutical depots, one in Germany and one in New York, the organisation successfully completed phase I of its global depot network plan.

  9. New Cold Chain Complete Actively Monitors Two Temperature Thresholds

    ShockWatch, a global leader in the innovation and optimization of logistics and cold chain risk management, released a low cost, convenient solution that can monitor two separate temperature breaches and be activated at point along the supply chain.

  10. ShockWatch, Inc. And Infitrak, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership To Offer Cold Chain Management And Intelligent Monitoring Solutions

    ShockWatch, a global leader in the innovation and optimization of logistics and cold chain risk management systems, recently announced an agreement to couple their advanced temperature indicators and recorders with industry leading cold chain services.