• New Barrier Solution From AR Packaging Helps Bel Group To Eliminate Plastics

    In the quest to minimise the use of plastics and yet provide optimal product protection and performance, AR Packaging has developed Safeboard, a plastic free packaging, which is now used by Bel Group for its Boursin cheese range

  • Open Farm Joins Loop As First Ever Pet Food Partner

    Open Farm Pet Food has officially partnered with Loop, the circular shopping platform developed by international recycling leader TerraCycle, as the first ever pet food participant. The new partnership will introduce consumers to reusable, refillable packaging as part of Open Farm's ongoing effort to positively impact the environment and reduce the use of single use packaging and disposable waste.

  • New Flowpack Machine Designed To Meet Strict Hygiene Demands

    Packaging machine specialist Hugo Beck has launched the flowpack R, a compactly built, hygienically designed horizontal flowpack machine, capable of reaching speeds of up 300 cycles per minute.


Poly Tubing Poly Tubing
Manufactured from 100% virgin low density polyethylene and designed to be heat sealed, stapled at either one or both ends


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