1. Millennium SC1100 Catalytic Bead LEL Gas Detector Datasheet

    The SC1100 Catalytic Bead gas detector continuously monitors your site for the presence of combustible gases. Net Safety's proprietary SensorGuard feature protects sensors from damage caused by extended exposure to high concentrations of combustible gas.

  2. M22 Dual Channel Universal Transmitter Datasheet

    The Millennium II (M22) dual channel universal transmitters have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that managers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation, even in the most extreme conditions.

  3. SC311 Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor

    The SC311 delivers the latest technology advancements in infrared sensing of flammable gases in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments. Hydrocarbon gas LEL detection is fast, reliable and highly accurate with only periodic bump testing recommended and a simple annual calibration sequence. A full 5 year warranty is included with a typical sensor life of 8-10 years.

  4. Modified Atmosphere Packaging Leak Detection

    Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a process developed to extend the shelf life of fresh food products. MAP substitutes the air inside the package with a protective gas mix. The advantage of MAP is that it slows down the chemical reactions that cause product deterioration, which results in a shelf life 2 to 5 times greater than packages with regular air. Companies that use MAP are often required to meet strict quality standards and test 100% of all packages moving through the product line. More importantly, it can improve product quality and eliminate customer complaints due to spoilage caused by leaks in the packaging.

  5. CT2211 Aerosol Leak Detection System Datasheet

    Cascade’s CT2211 leak detection system detects and rejects leaking aerosol cans up to a rate of 500 cans per minute. The system is contactless, ensuring minimal product damage or contamination. Its design allows for the detection of a wide range of propellants including LPG, R134a, CO2, N2O, and DME while continuous health monitoring features result in lower maintenance costs and higher operational reliability. With the increasing number of safety and quality standards required, Cascade’s CT2211 will ensure current and future regulatory compliance.

  6. CT2211 Aerosol Leak Detection System

    The European Commission’s Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) legislation (UN ADR 2013, 75/324/EEC) mandates that aerosol dispensers and small receptacles containing compressed gas (gas cartridges) must pass a leak-proof test before they are transported.

  7. CT3204 pMDI Leak Detection System Datasheet

    The CT3204 pMDI Leak Detection and Reject System, primarily used for pharmaceutical applications, provides customers with a step change in capability over existing test methods. Manufacturers of metered dose inhalers are required by the FDA to test every single unit for leakage. The way this is currently handled is to weigh the products, then “quarantine” each unit for between two and four weeks, and then reweigh to determine if there has been any leakage. This is a costly, time consuming, inefficient process.

  8. Rapid Fungal Detection In Yogurt

    Yogurt is a popular with consumers, nutritious, and  can be packaged easily to accommodate different serving sizes and flavors. Dairy producers are aware of potential spoilage issues that negatively affect the customer experience. Fungal contamination (yeasts and molds) can be introduced from a variety of sources, including added fresh fruit purees or airborne particles. Some packaged yogurts may also generate excess moisture under the foil cap that is a breeding ground for mold growth. While primarily a spoilage and shelf life issue, there have been recent occurrences of yeast and mold contamination causing illness.

  9. Rapid Mold And Yeast Analytical Testing Equipment For Dairy Applications

    A new rapid yeast and mold test method for dairy applications, such as yogurt, soft cheese and cream, can dramatically improve speed-to-market and reduce economic impact from spoiled product.

  10. Flame Detectors

    Optical Flame Detectors designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and connect directly to alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems.