Product Showcase

  1. SureClean Conveyor

    The SureClean conveyor is designed specificially for the needs of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, and reduces the lengthy cleaning tiems assoicated with most conveyors. Service Industries is partners with Sepha and is their exculsive distributor of blister packaging, deblistering, and non-destructive leak testing machines for the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

  2. High Speed Deblistering Machine: Press Out Universal

    The Press-Out Universal and the Press Out Universal Mini are deblistering machines with sophisticated cutting technology. Ideal for recovering high value, fragile tablets and capsules from all types of blister pack material, including Alu/Alu and child resistant packs.

  3. Blister Packaging Machine: EZ Blister

    EZ Blister is a compact, customizable, commercially competitive blister packaging machine for clinical trial laboratories and facilities requiring low volume packaging solutions. 

  4. Contract Packaging, Deblistering & Leak Detection Services

    Sepha has a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and lab staff who are specialists in their field and offer services in contract blister packaging, deblistering of tablets and capsuels, and leak detection and inspection of blister packes, sachets, pouches and mecial devices.

  5. Leak Detection Device For Blister Packs: BlisterScan

    BlisterScan is a leak detection device for blister packs. it uses non-contact laser scanning technology to detect leaks and weak seals in individual pockets.

  6. Leak Detection Device: VisionScan

    The VisionScan is a tool-less, non-destructive leak detection device for pharmaceutical blister packs.

  7. Customer Care Service Agreement

    A Thermo Scientific™ Customer Care service agreement provides the responsive personal attention you expect from the world leader in product inspection. Our global network of factory-trained service engineers and support staff ensure your system uptime is maximized.

  8. ColorEye XTS

    ColorEye XTS is an ultra-compact benchtop spectrophotometer with simultaneous reflection SCE/SCI measurement capability designed for performance and affordability.

  9. 504 SpectroDensitometer

    What could be simpler? Our entry-level model 504 measures any density status quickly and reliably.

  10. 508 SpectroDensitometer

    Our basic 508 densitometer is great for prepress and the press room - it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.