Water Soluble Film

Source: Aquafilm, Inc
Water Soluble Film
Aquafilm uses unique blown film technology to produce strong, versatile films
Film Range
Aquafilm uses unique blown film technology to produce strong, versatile films. The blown film process allows us to produce layflat tube film for larger bags.

In house conversion produces bags (end weld or side weld) or slit, flat film in widths from 25 to 1000mm. Film thicknesses range from 20 to 80 microns. Some bags are available in standard sizes. The majority of production is custom made to order.

Film Properties

Polyvinyl alcohol films have unique properties. The main ones are:-

  • Water Solubility - 2 broad categories of hot or cold water solubility.

  • Gas Resistance - good barrier to most common gases.

  • Solvent Resistance - most organic solvents do not affect PVOH films. Resistant to oils and greases is also very good.

  • Non-Static - they do not carry much charge.

  • Toughness/Strength - PVOH films are very strong. Aquafilm types are even stronger due to the manufacturing processes used.

  • Sealability - Aquafilm is readily heat sealable on any standard conversion equipment.

  • Biodegradability - in solution in contact with relevant (common) micro-organisms these films degrade well to harmless constituents of carbon dioxide and water.

  • Non-Toxic - non irritant.
    Films fall into two broad categories :
    • Hot water soluble ("A" series films) dissolve at temperatures from 60-70C (dependent on a variety of factors).

    • Cold water soluble ("L" series films) have a variety of types available, with different properties. See below

    White, pastel and translucent coloured film can be manufactured to customer specification.

    We also offer a colour printing service to customer designs with matching water soluble inks.

    • Wrapping (folding,) flow wrapping. L710, L711, L336, L336W

    • Form fill and seal. L330, L336, L337, L336W

    • Vacuum form packing. L330, L337, L337W

    • Laundry bag / Biohazard wrap. A200, A127

    • Embroidery film. L10, L15, L330.

    • Bags & pouches. L330, L336, A200

    Dissolving rate depends on water temperature from 4°C. The hotter the water, the faster Aquafilm dissolves.

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