Vision Inspection System For Food Packages: VisioPointer

Source: MOCON, Inc.

The VisioPointer vision inspection system uses software to immediately locate products that have been trapped in the sealing area, causing leakage and/or shelf life failure. It can also check label information, placement, coding and other physical attributes.

The high resolution cameras and intuitive software offer enhanced capabilities compared to others in the marketplace by identifying issues before they become major problems. One example is the ability to identify the specific cavity in the thermoforming tool which is not performing properly. This gives food processors accurate information that can be used to correct the issue faster, resulting in improved production line productivity and less waste.

Benefits of the VisioPointer vision inspection system

  • Increased production throughput
  • Increased quality
  • Fewer product claims
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Short time for return of investment

Features of the VisioPointer vision inspection system

  • Identifies seal impurities
  • Identifies missing, incomplete or wrong product coding
  • Identifies missing or misplaced labelling
  • Identifies mispositioning of the foil