News | February 28, 2020

Under Pressure - Exceptional Packaging Minimal Investment

Chamber machines offer versatility and flexibility for a minimal investment compared to other packaging technologies.

Preserving food and sustaining product freshness has always been a concern when it comes to processing food. There’s no use in worrying about product quality if that quality can’t be protected and maintained. Enter product packaging. Since its invention, packaging has served a variety of purposes. It has kept food products fresh and has extended shelf life. It has protected food from contamination and life-threatening food safety risks. And it has helped protect the product from being damaged during handling or transport. One of the earliest packaging technologies utilized domestically and industrially was vacuum packaging. Removing air from the food it surrounded extended shelf life and maintained product quality. MULTIVAC developed its first vacuum chamber machine in 1961. Vacuum packaging technology was new at the time and MULTIVAC’s early machine paved the way for the technology that is featured in its broad range of equipment today. The basic operating principle of chamber machines involves evacuation of air, sealing of the package and ventilation of the chamber. First product is put in the packaging pouch...