TDX4000 Digital Laser Coder System

Source: Tau Laser Corporation
The TDX4000 Digital Laser Coder is a computer controlled, variable character unit ideal for laser coding of coated paper products with time and date, batch or serial numbers at moderate line speeds
The TDX4000 Digital Laser Coder is a computer controlled, variable character unit ideal for laser coding of coated paper products with time and date, batch or serial numbers at moderate line speeds. Designed for long life and reliability, the state-of-the-art system operates like a daisy wheel printer and uses a metal stencil and a small-pulsed CO2 laser to produce clear, clean and consistent marks.

Featuring robust engineering and a cost that is competitive with ink jet coding, the user friendly TDX4000 runs on a simple DOS program and requires a Pentium level computer. Packaged in a compact and standard 19-in. rack cabinet, the system is easy to mount and service. Standard text is 0-9, A-Z, :, #, /. Alternate text is available. The laser coder is a Class I laser system and uses a small amount of commercial laser gas, which is non-flammable and non-toxic.

The TDX4000 is sensor triggered and print speed can be either pre-set or line encoder driven. Operation is thru any Pentium level computer with DOS, the laser coder connects to the DB-25 parallel port. A simple to use program lets the user print up to (20) characters and (8) serialized numbers per label. There is no scheduled user maintenance. The TDX4000 laser is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for (1) year from the date of shipment or 25 million shots whichever comes first.

Product Features

  • The TDX4000 can mark most painted paper, coated metals and some plastics. Glass and other harder-to mark materials require a higher power laser system
  • No harmful or flammable products used in the marking
  • The TDX4000 comes as either a top or side coder. The beam exits the left side of the rear panel and marks a vertical surface about 6" from the rear panel. The bottom coder version marks about 6" below the bottom plate
  • The TDX4000 produces 8 characters/ in. @ 20 ft/ min line speed, each character is 1/10" or #10 font. The TDX4000 (S) System produces 8 characters/ in. @ 40 ft/ min line speed
  • The TDX4000 has a fixed set of alphanumerics
  • The print speed can be pre-set for fixed speed or a speed encoder can be used for variable speeds
  • The TDX4000 runs under DOS, and will not run under Windows. Consult your system vendor or Tau Laser Corporation for compatibility
  • The TDX4000 connects to the parallel port of the computer
  • No training necessary, advanced programming is available
  • The laser and the host computer can be separated up to 50 feet or more depending upon conditions and the peripheral equipment used
  • The laser uses such consumables as Oil free, dry air 2 CFM @ 30PSI, Laser gas mixture: 8:2:1/ He: N2:CO2 and UPS AC source: isolated, grounded 120 VAC @ 3 amps
  • The laser gas mix is available from any major welding gas Distributor; consult the factory for one near you. Prices vary but a 200CF bottle should cost under $100
  • The TDX4000 is housed in a standard 19" cabinet and is usually mounted on top or to the side of the line. Various mounting brackets are readily available from equipment suppliers
  • The TDX4000 is an electronic device and will operate best in a dry, clean and constant temperature environment. Use of an isolated line is recommended
  • The TDX4000 incorporates special features designed to minimize generated noise and improve electrical function. The coder uses a special high speed I/O buffer and DB-25 port with a built-in RFI filter. The AC bulkhead connector is fused on both AC lines and also has a built-in RFI filter
  • Warranty covers a minimum of 25 million shots or 1 year whichever comes first
  • No maintenance
  • The laser coder must be returned to the factory for repair. An exchange program is provided for express service

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