Systems Approach

Source: American Fuji Seal, Inc.

American Fuji Seal manufactures the most comprehensive range of shrink sleeve applicators and heat tunnels in the industry.
<%=company1%> manufactures the most comprehensive range of shrink sleeve applicators and heat tunnels in the industry.

Under the Fuji Seal Group, we offer Fuji Intersleeve equipment as well as Fuji Astec equipment. Both brands offer a wide selection of machine designs that can be customized for each unique appication. All of our machines are designed to position the sleeve precisely and consistently for a perfect final appearance.

The model chosen is dependent on the customers' needs, such as output speeds, container type, as well as line and filling conditions. All of our machines are designed to facilitate rapid tool changeover and maximum machine output.

Our "Systems Approach" (American Fuji Seal film and Fuji equipment) gives you, the customer, supplier security not available in most industries. The success of the material is dependent upon the performance of the machinery, just as the machinery performance is dependent on the quality of the material. This single-source accountability means that American Fuji Seal has an ongoing interest in the continued successful operation of your machinery well beyond the initial warranty period. It allows American Fuji Seal to offer a total system performance guarantee, unlike any other supplier in this industry.

Our customers also benefit from our global network of expertise from Europe, Japan, Australia and Thailand.

American Fuji Seal also offers a wide range of highly flexible hot air and steam tunnels to complement our applicators. These tunnels provide precise temperature control and direct heat accuracy, which is essential to shrink our wide range of films successfully. Some capabilities of Fuji machinery are:

  • Sleeve labeling applications for empty or filled containers
  • Capabilities for labeling dry, cold and wet containers
  • Used on glass, plastic and metal containers
  • Low and high speed labeling options up to 1,200 bpm
  • State-of-the-art technology and design
  • Vertical and cross perforation units available
  • Ink jet or hot stamp coding units available
  • Rotating hot air, steam, infrared and hot air systems
  • Capabilities for varying film types and thicknesses
  • High effiiciencies and superior quality
  • Performance guarantee with American Fuji Seal film (Systems Approach)
  • Worldwide technology and support
  • Heat activated labeling capabilities
  • Product handling systems to hold, position and lift the container for label turnover and turnunder
  • Interchangeable modules to allow for easy application modifications
  • Optional modem and camera systems for on-line support
The number and types of machine models that American Fuji Seal provides is constantly growing and changing to meet our customers' needs. Please contact us at (973) 882-5600 to learn more or for iinformation on equipment servicing or parts.