News | June 15, 2000

StarKist Introduces New Tuna Pouch

StarKist Introduces New Tuna Pouch

StarKist Seafood today has introduced its new StarKist Tuna in a Pouch. The vacuum-sealed foil pouch delivers firmer, fresher-tasting tuna with no draining. Unlike canned tuna, the easy-open pouch contains virtually no liquid.

Consumers who tested the pouch in home trials conducted by StarKist preferred the new product five to one over canned tuna. Consumers rated StarKist Tuna in a Pouch higher in quality, fresh taste, texture, appearance and convenience. The product is fresher-tasting and firmer because short cooking and processing is required when tuna is packed in a pouch and vacuum sealed.

The product will be launch this September. Consumers will be able to purchase StarKist Tuna in a Pouch in three 7-oz varieties: Premium Albacore in water; Chunk Light Tuna in water; and Chunk Light Tuna in sunflower oil. Suggested retail price is $1.99 for the chunk light varieties and $2.79 for the albacore. The 7-oz pouch provides enough tuna for four sandwiches.

Edited by Christine Fraser