Single-Loop Controller and Supervisory PC System

Source: SimPro Controls
This Single-Loop Controller and Supervisory PC System is ideally scaled for production and satellite lines that do not require large, networked, plantwide installations.
SimPro Controls Control System simplifies and reduces the cost of single level, single loop process control. The system provides a dedicated field controller per process that can either be controlled from your PC, or can run autonomously. Each controller can control either an electric or pneumatic actuator. A variety of analog and digital inputs, providing on-off and proportional control settings are available. Hardwired or wireless communications options are available. The simplicity and low cost of the design allows processes that had never been considered candidates for automation to be controlled simply and very economically.

The control system consists of any number of single-process field controllers individually controlled from a PC. The control program provides simple graphical control of multiple units. Individual controller names can be customized to facilitate use. Absolutely no programming or graphical hierarchy of any kind is required. The program can be set up for continuous control of each field controller, or control parameters can be downloaded to each controller, which can then operate autonomously.

Each controller can accept a variety of analog and digital inputs, and can control both electric and pneumatic actuators. The controllers communicate with the PC using a modular communications system, which can be hardwired or with a wireless option. The flexible communications provides an extremely low cost means of implementing single point process control wherever it is needed.

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