News | December 13, 2011

ShockWatch® TempMark® 8 Selected Material Handling, Storage & Logistics Top Product At 2011 Europack Conference

Source: ShockWatch
  • Chosen from field of industry experts, award highlights products addressing top industry issues.
  • TempMark 8 temperature monitor designed specifically to ensure pharmaceuticals and foods have not been exposed to unacceptable temperatures that could negatively affect quality.

ShockWatch, a global leader in detecting and preventing damage in the logistics supply chain and storage of products, announced that its newest cold chain temperature monitor, the TempMark 8, has won the "Coup de Coeur, Produit Phare" (Show Favorite) award for Material Handling, Storage & Logistics at the 2011 Europack Conference. TempMark 8 is an innovative, cost-effective and disposable monitor for temperature-sensitive shipments that bridges the cost gap between low cost go / no-go indicators and more expensive temperature recorders.

The 13th annual Europack Euromanut Conference, held November 15–17 in Lyon, France, included 8,000 attendees focused on real-world solutions to packaging and its equipment, shipping and handling. The panel of 10 packaging, material handling, and logistics journalists and professionals selected the TempMark 8 as the top product in the Material Handling, Storage & Logistics category and it was one of 62 overall products nominated.

Jérôme Czap, general manager at Tilt-Import, a leading distributor of ShockWatch products in Europe, nominated the TempMark 8 product and represented the company at an awards ceremony held at the event. "Our European cold chain customers have been looking for a specific temperature monitoring device that could be used everywhere that a high-end recorder could not, yet be easy-to-use and field-activated," said Mr. Czap. "This product fits that need, as we are seeing an enormous demand for not just pharmaceutical products, but for fresh and frozen foods, ink toner and paint."

"It's truly an honor to be selected the winner of this award," said Angela Kerr, director of product management at ShockWatch. "We have had outstanding response to the product since its inception, but this recognition by an esteemed group of industry experts confirms the innovative approach we have taken to delivering a product the industry really needs."

For more information on TempMark 8, go to The TempMark 8 product is available in France exclusively through TILT-IMPORT and IntroTech for the rest of Europe.

About ShockWatch
Since 1976, ShockWatch has specialized in preventing damage, reducing costs, and monitoring the logistics supply chain for thousands of customers worldwide. The company's portfolio of impact, tilt, temperature, vibration and humidity products alert customers of environmental conditions that may cause damage or spoilage to sensitive shipments. The portfolio is one of the most robust on the market, consisting of indicator labels, low-cost monitors and self-contained data recorders. ShockWatch products are used in thousands of applications across the logistics supply chain, from transportation to energy, aerospace and defense to food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and manufacturing. With representatives and distributors worldwide, ShockWatch is a global industry leader with customers in 62 countries. More information can be found at

Media Recovery Inc. (MRI) is the parent company of ShockWatch, DPC and DataSpan. Based in Dallas, Texas, MRI has developed an international customer base that includes two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and more than half of the Fortune 1000 companies.

About TempMark 8
ShockWatch TempMark 8 is an innovative, cost-effective, disposable temperature-monitoring device for temperature-sensitive shipments. Field-activated and highly accurate, the device records temperature excursions beyond eight thresholds simultaneously. The digital display shows the total number of excursions per threshold, the duration of the longest excursion and the cumulative duration of all excursions — the critical information you need for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods. For more information, visit

TILT-IMPORT was founded in 1986 and markets products that monitor the supply chain to reduce the losses and claims caused by handling or transport of goods. As a key partner for ShockWatch in the European market, TILT-IMPORT products are designed to analyze and improve all areas of the "transport environment" that could affect the quality of the materials in transit. The company is headquartered near Paris, Bazainville, Yvelines, France.

SOURCE: ShockWatch