Seamer Conversion Packages

Source: Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co.
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Seamer Conversion Packages

Three conversion packages are available to upgrade installed Model 50P, 53P, 58P and 59P Can Seamers. The machine enhancements provide increased efficiency and speeds, as well as additional safety features. The processor or manufacturer has the choice to upgrade their current equipment to a 56P seamer, or they may choose a partial upgrade.

Package Option "A" includes such improvements as a new upper and lower turret assembled with a type 302-4 stainless hollow shaft that provides better driving torque and shock resistance. A seaming turret safety clutch provides protection to the hollow shaft and turrets if a jam occurs. This option also comes with lower chuck slides, bushings and cam roll pins to allow for external greasing.

Package Option "B" takes all the upgrades of Option "A" and adds a 56P-style seaming head. The seaming head is designed so that it is no longer a change part, and the DS head springs are eliminated. An improved seaming cam design is also part of this option, as is a new seaming lever to accommodate "P" and "S" style seaming rolls.

Package "C" is a complete conversion to a 56P. For this option, all the features of the previous two options are combined with a lower chuck cam and guide, positive knockout rods and a reinforced top plate. Optional components include an AC inverter drive, single roll cover separator and a free-standing stainless machine enclosure. The enhancements of this option provide increased efficiency and speed up to 300 cans/min for can manufacturing, and 200 cans/min for cannery applications.

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