Physical Testing Instruments

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON's physical testing instruments enable material developers, converters and product managers to control the physical properties of their materials and finished packages, preventing costly quality failures and productivity downtime.

We provide instruments for:

  • Determining static and kinetic friction of packaging material to ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards. (Coefficient of friction)
  • A range of accurate and repeatable heat seal laboratory instruments for:
    • Seals: 5-25 mm wide to 50 mm long
    • 5-25 mm wide to 650 mm long
    • 5-25 mm wide to 300 mm long
  • A gradient heat sealer with:
    • 5 independently temperature controlled seals, 5 – 25 mm wide and up to 50 mm long.
  • A medical heat sealer:
    • 5-25 mm wide and 400 mm long
  • Hot tack seal strength tester for flexible packaging materials
  • Seal strength / tensile and compression testers for determining the properties of packaging materials including plastics, paper and board