News | September 22, 2006

PakSense Announces Availability Of Temperature Monitoring Label

Enables shippers of perishable items to make better quality and safety decisions

Boise, ID - PakSense, Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, announced mass availability of its TXi temperature and time monitoring label. PakSense TXi Labels are flat, about the size of a sugar packet, and can record time and temperature data for up to eight weeks. LED alerts provide visual indication if the customer's temperature specification have been breached and all data obtained by the label can be downloaded and graphed. PakSense TXi Labels provide incredible insight into what happens to products during distribution and enable users to make better quality and safety decisions. They were recently named the runner-up in the 2006 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards in the Technology Design category.

Labels are encased in food-grade packaging and can be either attached to cartons with adhesive or laid directly on product. They are pre-programmed with acceptable temperature range specifications by PakSense and can be customized for each product application – such as meats, seafood, produce or pharmaceuticals. The customer or their supplier simply snaps the corner of the label to activate it and attaches it to product prior to shipment.

"The PakSense TXi Label provides a simple approach to monitoring product temperatures at reduced costs compared to other solutions," said Michael Ito, president of Coast Produce Consolidation in Los Angeles, California. "This technology and application is the most revolutionary product to enter the cold-chain market in the past ten years."

PakSense TXi Labels cost a fraction of comparable temperature monitoring solutions and will promote broader sampling throughout the cold chain. With the data the labels provide, vendors will be able to ensure that sub-standard product does not get disseminated in the market, protecting their brand. Consumers will ultimately benefit by having access to safer, fresher and higher-quality products.

The PakSense Reader and Software facilitate the download of label information, and there are no additional infrastructure investments required to begin using the PakSense TXi Labels. As an add-on feature, PakSense can work with the customer to calculate the effect temperature variation has had on remaining useful life of the product.

"The company has initial product sales into numerous vertical markets including: medical, frozen foods, fresh produce, wine, restaurants, poultry, meat, seafood, dairy, beverage and packaging," said Tom Jensen, CEO at PakSense. "The unique size and ease-of-use of this label will benefit any company that ships perishable items."

SOURCE: PakSense, Inc.