Source: European Packaging Machinery, Inc. (EPM)

This new range of thermoform/ fill/seal/punch machines is
This new range of thermoform/ fill/seal/punch machines is for "portion packaging". Several different machine models are offered, beginning with a 135-mm film width x 135-mm index up to 400 x 300 mm. The machines operate at a cycle speed between 25 to 40 / min, depending upon the material to be thermoformed and the product to be filled. A draw depth of 110 mm can be achieved on the machines. These machines can handle many different shapes and forms of containers, from a standard rectangular shaped portion pack to a special container, with an undercut sealing flange. This special undercut design allows for a sealing flange to have the same diameter as the body of the container.

The Siebler + Goering model 5000 incorporates the latest state of the art technologies and accurate temperature controls on the surface of the sealing rollers. This model can accommodate two film widths: 160 mm (6") and 320 mm (12"). Also, up to 3000 tablets per minute can be packaged on the model.

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