News | June 4, 2012

New Matchbook Sized Wireless Data Recorders From ShockWatch® Monitor Temperatures Within Food Or Pharmaceutical Shipments

Source: ShockWatch
  • New TrekView® temperature recorder offers wireless data access to retain integrity of packaging when checking for temperature exposure
  • Using simple return logistics, resulting cost is less than two dollars per use

ShockWatch, recently announced a new line of temperature recorders that are compact, durable, and have the ability to read temperature data without opening the packaging. This allows the device to be placed either within or outside any container, providing monitoring flexibility across a cold chain.

Extreme temperatures can spoil food, destroy pharmaceuticals, and damage chemicals. These pose a health risk as well as endanger reputations. Compliance regulations often make a cold chain monitoring program a requirement that carries fines and other consequences. As profit margins shrink, a solution was needed to address these customer needs.

Complete portfolio, flexibility
The TrekView temperature data recorder line is designed to be low-cost, and help optimize the cold chain by alerting manufacturers, handlers and shippers when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified threshold. TrekView comes in 4 styles, each designed for a different requirement:

  • TrekView External USB is a water resistant, multi-use temperature recorder that allows for fast data downloads using the integrated RF antenna or an external USB (universal serial bus) port on any PC. Perfect for reading temperature at any point along a journey.
  • TrekView Internal USB is a water proof, multi-use temperature recorder that allows for fast data downloads using the integrated RFID antenna or an internal mini USB port on any PC. Ideal for high moisture shipments or even those at risk of being totally submersed.
  • TrekView for Pharmaceuticals is a water resistant (NEMA 4 sealed), multi-use temperature recorder with an integrated ribbon probe for measuring temperature inside of validated pharmaceutical packaging without the need to break the packaging open. Can be used when the recorder must be placed on the outside of containers for data reading in the field due to metal packaging components blocking an RFID signal.
  • TrekView for Food – is a water resistant (NEMA 4 sealed), multi-use temperature recorder with an integrated stainless steel probe for monitoring core temperatures of food or other products. Used when core temperatures are more important than ambient temperature conditions.

TrekView is no larger than a matchbook, yet is more robust than any other temperature data logger on the market today. All TrekView recorders:

  • Can be read wirelessly, enabling data to be downloaded through packaging without sacrificing its three year battery life.
  • Have a temperature measurement range of -30°C to 75°C and has software programmable threshold limits.
  • Includes a free software suite that is validated and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Automatically generates a PDF report of recorded tag data.
  • Includes a vast service and support toolset.

“Integration as well as software driven, user controlled customization has resulted in a highly flexible device that, when using simple return logistics, costs less than two dollars per use, said Kevin Kohleriter, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for ShockWatch. “That makes it ideal for industries with tight profit margins, like food distribution, but also applications where packaging is constricted, and integrity of the package is required for quality, like pharmaceuticals, biologics and chemicals.”

Make immediate decisions on product integrity
At any point along a product’s journey, data can be read via a number of methods. Multicolor LEDs are on every device to alert a receiver of an issue so products can be held for review. For recorders mounted inside packaging, data access is not limited to a single method. Access options include wireless downloads via a  hand held reader, a standard USB dongle that can be accessed outside packaging, or the container can be opened and read via direct interface with the recorder itself to a laptop or to a rapid read desktop reader.

Part of a complete portfolio of temperature products
TrekView is part of a complete line of temperature monitoring devices available from ShockWatch. These products include the entirely new ColdMark and WarmMark temperature threshold indicator line, and the TempMark8 electronic temperature indicator for pharmaceuticals. The indicators are designed to ride along with temperature recorders to assure integrity of those individual shipments that may be split at a distribution points, such as for retail, pharmacy, supermarket or blood bags.

SOURCE: ShockWatch