News | June 22, 2022

Mondi Expands Its Sustainable Packaging Offer With ‘Grow&Go', Protecting Fresh Produce From Farm-To-Shelf

  • Grow&Go is a suite of packaging products optimised for farm-to-shelf delivery in a market-leading range of sizes, from attractive consumer-friendly trays and carry-packs to pallet-ready bulk shipping boxes
  • Designed for the circular economy, mono-material Grow&Go solutions are made of easy-to-recycle paper which reduces food waste by protecting fruits and vegetables from damage in stackable, hygienic packaging

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has created a range of fit-for-purpose packaging solutions to protect and transport fresh produce from farm-to-shelf-to-home safely, efficiently and conveniently. Grow&Go encapsulates the spirit of Mondi Corrugated Solutions’ new product portfolio for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. Key to its appeal is the wide range of available options, covering everything from heavy bulk shipments to light fruit and vegetable assortments for on-shelf display.

The World Star award-winning CoralTray, offering hassle-free handling, protection, ventilation and visibility for up to a kilo of produce, is one of several Grow&Go solutions fulfilling this need.

The Grow&Go range offers important logistic advantages, starting at delivery with the space saving afforded by palletised flat corrugated packaging. After assembly and filling, all packaging options are perfectly stackable and tough enough to prevent damage and waste. After reaching their final destination they are easily pressed or folded for disposal in the recycling bin. Paper recycling in Europe is a success story, with 83% of paper and board packaging recovered for recycling 1. The entire Grow&Go portfolio complies with food contact standards, and is made entirely of paper. A recent life cycle assessment study showed that recyclable corrugated boxes had a lower environmental impact than reusable plastic crates in 10 out of 15 life cycle impact categories, including climate change and resource use 2.

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Source: Mondi