News | April 29, 2011

MOCON's New Combination System Is First To Offer All-In-One Testing For Packages With Degassing Valves

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON, Inc. is introducing the MultiCheck 400—a new, first-of-its-kind combination testing system for packages with one-way degassing valves. In addition to measuring oxygen (O2) headspace, leak detection and seal strength, the MultiCheck 400 also measures one-way degassing valve performance via MOCON's new Valve Test Unit (VTU).

"This is the first time users of packages with degassing valves have an accurate and repeatable way to test performance. Millions of these valves are used every year. Up until now, there hasn't been a way to quantify opening and sealing pressure levels. The new MOCON VTU is capable of measuring to tenths of a pound per square inch. This will dramatically change how performance is measured for these packages," said Anthony Ahmed, product manager, MOCON.

Because four different tests are combined into one unit, the MultiCheck 400 system significantly impacts time, labor and samples needed to conduct individual testing. Instead of destroying four different packages to conduct the same number of tests, a single package cycles through all of the analysis on one unit. First the O2 headspace, followed by the pressure decay leak test, then a seal strength burst test and finally the valve test which tests both the leak and the seal strength of the valve.

"By performing all of the tests on one package, the new system provides the first true profile of the condition of a single package vs. trying to get an overall perspective by looking at results from four different samples," said Ahmed.

In addition to the new valve tester, the MultiCheck 400 is based on the marriage of two separate MOCON technologies—its Lippke 4500 (leak detection/seal strength) and its hand-held Pac Check 302, O2 headspace analyzer.

"As the global gold-standard leader in instrumentation technology, we are always looking for ways we can positively impact our customers' productivity. This new combination unit will significantly reduce testing time, while providing the same accurate results," said Ahmed.

The MultiCheck 400 unit is ideally suited for flexible packages with degassing valves. Applications include: coffee, pet food, agricultural chemicals, resins, medical and others which require pressure relief.

In addition to being integrated into the MultiCheck 400, the VTU is also available as a standalone instrument, for those operations which only wish to conduct valve testing.

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