News | July 26, 2001

MAXAIR Brand Chewing Gum Package Goes "Blister"

Packaging for MAXAIR® sugarless vapor action chewing gum by Adams, a Pfizer division, now comes in a new blister package made with a .012 SBS C1S Holographic UniLustre® sleeve from Unifoil Corporation. The original stick style-shaped package was made with UltraFlex Holographic UniLustre®, a lighter weight version of the eye-catching, non-laminated holographic metallized paper.

MAXAIR gum, which gives an exhilarating burst of flavor when you bite into it, targets the young adult market in Canada, Portugal and Mexico. The Holographic UniLustre
packages in Canada and Portugal are in shades of red and blue, and blue and orange, respectively. MAXAIR sold in Mexico is packaged in "chicklet-style" kraftboard tuck boxes made of red and blue Holographic UniLustre. The package design for the Mexican market remains unchanged.

Unifoil/Adams MAXAIR Goes Blister
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Holographic UniLustre is a dimensional medium that prints like paper, readily accepts offset, flexo, gravure and UV inks, can be optically registered, makes a clean, crisp fold, does not curl or crack, and is environmentally friendly. MAXAIR's Holographic UniLustre is made with a proprietary holographic film created specifically for Adams by Crown Roll Leaf, Paterson, NJ.

Adams initiated structural changes to the package after consumer research conducted by Vision Track (Ontario)demonstrated a preference for a blister package. "It's a more modern look and offers consumers greater convenience in dispensing the gum," explains Jesse Kiefer, senior manager, breath freshening research and development at Adams, Morris Plains, NJ. The change also enables "more holographic space on the shelf which really catches the consumer's eye," says Kiefer. The new blister package is 2.5 times larger than a stick package.

Vision Track's research also demonstrated that consumers notice a holographic blister style package faster and spend significantly more time looking it than they do with a stick style package. "In a crowded confection environment MAXAIR packaging offers the highest probability for an impulse buy," states Graham Kaufman, senior brand manager, Adams, a division of Pfizer Canada, Inc.