Linerless Labeling System Takes Shape Using Laser Die-Cutting

A new linerless pressure-sensitive labeler featuring multi-patented laser label-cutting technology produces linerless labels in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and applies them at high speeds to a broad range of rigid and flexible package formats. The label applicator affords manufacturers the ability to greatly improve the quality, economy and operational efficiencies of their product packaging lines with pressure-sensitive linerless labels.

Linerless paper or film labels produced on the new Lightning Laser Labeler are laser die-cut in an infinite variety of shapes at the point of application.

The linerless label technology is from Lasersoft of Kansas City, MO. The Lightning Laser Labeler machine, which utilizes the Lasersoft technology, was developed and manufactured by Lasersoft's machine affiliate, NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International of Lebanon, NH, along with Package Service Co., Kansas City, MO, the original licensee of the Lasersoft system.

Patented Processes
The Lasersoft technology employs patented processes that combine laser die-cutting, high-definition optics and motion control software to apply the linerless, p-s labels, which create less waste and yield longer runs between roll changes than labels with liners. The label applicating system incorporates single and multiple label options for round or odd-shaped containers using a servo-controlled label cutting and delivery system along with quick release change parts. Other features of the system include an Allen-Bradley PLC and operator interface, a selvage rewind mechanism and modular design for custom container handling.

The multi-patented Lasersoft laser label-cutting system is at the heart of the NJM/CLI labeling machine, which recently won Best of Show in Packaging Technology & Engineering magazine's 1998 Technology of the Year awards. Twin-beam, low-wattage lasers cut labels in multiple shapes at speeds to 300 labels/min. without the use of mechanical dies.

NJM/CLI's Lightning Laser Labeler, the model 800, utilizes a servo-controlled label-cutting and delivery system along with a modular design for custom container handling.

The system features high-quality printed roll form labels that are adhesively coated on the back and silicone-coated on the face resulting in a self-wound roll of printed product. Adhesives can be customized. The flexo or gravure printed paper or film label stock is positioned on a labeling application machine and laser die-cut at the point of application. Vacuum label drums are used for application of the labels, which are rolled onto containers. The machine runs at speeds to 170 in./sec. and can be custom-designed for unique applications or special label market niches. Label heights range from 2-7 in.

Competitive Advantages
The competitive advantages manufacturers can gain from the Lasersoft linerless label technology include, in addition to high quality, variable shaped labels, cost-effective application, waste reduction from liner elimination, inventory reductions and reduced shipping expenses. The number of roll changeovers is also decreased, and with fewer rolls to handle, shipping and handling costs are also reduced. The system targets traditional film p-s markets, glue-applied labels, thermage and heat-transfer systems, as well as in-mold label systems.

Lasersoft is proceeding to implement the new linerless label technology in selected customer locations and is negotiating a series of licensing arrangements on a worldwide basis.

NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International offers a complete range of labeling and packaging equipment, including complete line integration services. Its product line includes: bottle unscramblers, liquid fillers, tablet counters, cottoners, cappers, induction sealers, prime and print/apply labelers, tamper-evident banders, blister packaging machines, tube fillers, conveyors, turntables, accumulation tables and cartoners. The company also has validation packages available.

Package Service Co. is a provider of a full range of printing processes, including rotogravure, letterpress, flexography, UV flexography, as well as screen combinations with hot-stamping and adhesive coating.

For more information: NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International, Tel: 603-448-0300; Package Service Co., Tel: 816-455-3700; Lasersoft, Tel: 816-880-0363.