News | September 30, 2021

Komo Plant Based Foods Launching New Retail Ready Packaging With Enhanced Shelf Appeal

Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. ("Komo"), a premium frozen plant-based food company, announces the launch of new packaging created for large scale distribution and enhanced shelf appeal.

The new packaging was developed with sustainability in mind, while complying with requirements from retail chains. Komo will maintain using aluminum trays for its ready-to-bake frozen plant-based entrees. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable substrate that is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely. Response from Komo consumers is that the aluminum trays allow for convenient and easy baking and disposal. The secondary sleeve packaging surrounding the trays are now made with recycled paper. The new design also has printed lot codes and a tamper evidence seal to ensure enhanced product safety and traceability. The new packaging allows Komo to expand its retail footprint by meeting the requirements of national retail grocery chains.

Komo's research reveals consumer pain points around plant-based eating center around the lack of convenience, over-processed ingredients and lack of food satisfaction. Komo aims to provide a solution through its easy, wholesome and hearty vegan favourites. Changes to product formulations launched with the new packaging include a shortened ingredient list to ensure all ingredients are understandable, real and simple. Building on its mission to create wholesome plant-based food, Komo highlights Canadian-grown organic green lentils in these updated formulations. In addition, all 'natural flavours' have been formulated out of products. Komo will continue to use herbs, spices, and vegetables to provide the hearty experiences in its meals. Komo consumers are asking for more nut-free and soy-free options. Komo's ready-to-bake line will now be free from nut ingredients as reflected in the new packaging. Komo's Shepherd's Pie will also be soy-free.

"Consumers know they are in for a premium taste experience from the moment they first see Komo products in the freezer of their trusted grocery stores," says Komo CEO William White. "We believe our new packaging will meet and exceed customer expectations."

The new retail packaging will be live for direct-to-consumer and retail orders in approximately 2 weeks.

Source: KOMO Plant Based Foods Inc.