Industrial Analyzers

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON’s Industrial Analyzer division offers instruments to test and measure toxic gases, Hydrocarbons during well logging, specialty gas purity, environmental monitoring and water purity. This division also offers OEM sensors.

Instruments for Test & Measurement:

  • Energy - Hydrocarbon gas analysis during oil and gas exploration and alternate energy production
  • Industrial Hygiene - Detection of hazardous gases in the workplace and indoor air quality
  • Industrial and Specialty Gas Production
    • Low level impurity detection and gas analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Atmospheric air quality, remediation sites, fence lines and emissions
  • OEM Sensors
    • For manufacturers of gas detection instrumentation
  • Water Quality
    • Rapid microbial testing of environmental water supplies and treatment

Our industrial analyzers are marketed directly, through distributors and OEM’s worldwide.