News | May 2, 2019

IMPAK Introduces Lightweight Yet Durable Low Cost Vacuum Sealer

IMPAK Corporation has worked jointly with a Japanese manufacturer to create a vacuum sealer that is lightweight, durable, and is the industry’s first sub-thousand-dollar commercial grade vacuum sealer

Sebastian, FL (PRWEB) - IMPAK Corporation, a leader in the packaging industry, today announced the immediate availability of the HIPPO nozzle vacuum sealer. At $895.00, half the price of comparable sealers, this user-friendly and inexpensive unit is intended for a broad market, and can be used for restaurant, research, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, food preservation, household, or many other applications. It’s perfect in combination with home freeze dryers.

“The lightweight portability of the HIPPO unit, along with its functionality with wet objects like meat, fish, and poultry, has found a growing need with Sous Vide chefs.” - 2018 NRA (National Restaurant Association) show presenter

The HIPPOs compact size – it has a footprint of only 15 ½” x 10 ½” – and convenient operation make it ideal for both home and commercial applications ranging from research labs and industrial environments to restaurants and food packagers. It may be used up to 300 times per day, with 100-cycle continuous use. It is unique among sealers in that it has a liquid catch canister, which allows for vacuum sealing of wet contents that would slow or damage other sealers. An adjustable seal time of 1 to 9 seconds allows the HIPPO to work with a range of materials such as poly-nylon, Mylar™, or foil laminates and more. Bags up to 12.0” wide may be sealed in one pass. Additionally, the in-built adapter supports all voltages from 100 to 240 volts – you can use the HIPPO anywhere in the world just by using plugs of different shapes!

As well as its modern look, the HIPPO has many appealing features, among them being: 

  • All-electric technology; no compressed air is required
  • Designed to be very light but durable
  • Both visual and automatic stop functions
  • Easy to use controls
  • Built in moisture and particulate filter
  • Can be used with all vacuum pouches
  • Available through distributors nationwide
  • Covered by a limited 1-year warranty

For more information about, or to purchase, the HIPPO sealer, please: 
visit us online at, 
call IMPAK at (310) 715-6600 (West Coast) or (772) 617-2282 (East Coast), 
or email us at sales15(at)

About IMPAK Corporation 
IMPAK Corporation is a leading provider and trusted technical resource for packaging solutions, with a decades long history of serving the biomedical/pharmaceutical, food, and technology industries with advanced barrier packaging, compatible sealing equipment and sorbent products to help preserve and protect contents. Our established reputation serving industries ranging from biomedical to microelectronics to food products has made us a prominent resource in both flexible packaging and highly customized heat sealing equipment. For more information, visit

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