News | December 21, 2020

HPP Advisors Installs Its First High-Pressure Processing (HPP) Material Handling Solution For Hiperbaric HPP Equipment On The East Coast

Vincent Giordano Corporation the recognized leader in deli meats for exceptional quality, taste, and food safety collaborates with HPP Advisors to integrate their production and High-Pressure Processing Operations

Brighton, MI (PRWEB) - Deli meats has been a driver for growth of High-Pressure Processing Equipment manufacturers, like Avure™ /JBT and Hiperbaric, the two largest manufacturers in the world. Vincent Giordano was one of the first privately held companies to recognize the benefits and increase safety from pathogens, like Listeria, by pasteurizing the products after cooking and slicing utilizing HPP Equipment.

“Since Listeria lives on the outside of the meats, protein slicing operations run the risk of contamination on the blades of the slicing machines,” comments, Nanette Cameron, President at HPP Advisors.

HPP was a new technology, emerging onto the food processing industry strong in 2010. It was an after-thought to the food industry companies that already had existing production facilities. HPP Machines, which require several thousand feet of floor space were often located away from production and packaging. In the case of Vincent Giordano’s facility, the HPP Machine was located in a separate building, across the street from the main ovens.

In an ideal world the food package would come off the line, be loaded into a basket that is filled with product that will go into the HPP machine for pasteurization. Once the pasteurization is completed, the product is unloaded from the basket, and packaged, ready for shipping. Unfortunately, the HPP machines cannot pasteurize as fast as production lines.

“HPP machine owners are faced with numerous challenges, explains,” Paige Raifsnider, Director of Marketing at HPP Advisors. “They need an affordable, easy to load, and easy to transport solution that allows them to store product for HPP Processing, without eating up valuable floor space.” HPP Advisors Baskets and Pallets] provide the solution that can be used across both the Avure™/JBT and Hiperbaric equipment.

“This year in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic we chose to upgrade our facilities by investing in the improvement of our operations. HPP Advisors was able to provide a solution to help us accomplish our goals, making our operations more efficient and reduced our costs,” stated Guy Giordano, CEO of Vincent Giordano.

“We are proud to share Vincent Giordano Corporation’s success story. Having a well-known customer and pioneer in the HPP Industry, like Vincent Giordano is a testimony to HPP Advisors innovative products and solutions,” said Paige Raifsnider, Director of Marketing at HPP Advisors, "We work together with our customers."

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a fully commercialized technology hat has gained rapid acceptance in global food manufacturing. HPP is a cold water ultra-high pressure-based technology that can drastically extend the shelf-life of fresh products such as meats, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Packaged products are submerged in a water chamber and subjected to pressure greater than five times the deepest parts of the ocean. The products under the intense pressures change the cells of pathogens like E-Coli and Listeria among others.

HPP Advisors current Portfolio of Material Handling products are Made in the USA.

About HPP Advisors
HPP Advisors is committed to design, develop, and manufacture cost effective and innovative High Pressure Processing Aftermarket Material Handling and Parts for the commercial and industrial applications. We work closely with our customers listening to their pain points and offering cost saving solutions. We choose supplier relationships that embrace consistent and sustained improvement.

About Vincent Giordano
Vincent Giordano’s mission is to provide customers with the level of quality, service, and safety, that positions both our company and our customers as leaders in the marketplace. By focusing our attention on cooked beef deli products and consistently re-investing in our business with cutting-edge facilities, equipment, and people, we strive to make our company a prime choice for the leaders in the Retail, Foodservice, Fast Food, and Private Label arenas.

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