Hot Air Systems

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Hot Air Systems
Hot air can be used successfully in a wide variety of processes and techniques
Hot air can be used successfully in a wide variety of processes and techniques. Depending on the required temperature, static and dynamic pressure, air velocity and air volume the appropriate hot air blowers or heaters with suitable blowers can be combined and installed. By the use of various nozzles and reflectors, the hot air can be concentrated, spread or even sharply reduced without any significant loss of temperature. The temperature of the hot air can, depending on the model, be steplessly controlled from ambient temperature to max 900C by means of in-built or external electronic control.

For special applications (external control of heating power or remote measurement of the temperature of the hot-air stream) additional adjusting control devices are available. Use only nozzles and accessories from the LEISTER range. Improperly constructed nozzles can affect the hot air stream and therefore the efficiency of the tool. If the air flow falls short of the specified minimum air flow (see technical data of appropriate heaters) the power supply must be simultaneously interrupted, because otherwise the heating element burns out. All tools, depending on the model, are equipped for use with voltages 120V / 200-230V / 380-400V / 440-480V (50/60Hz) and carry international approval marks. Contact Malcom Company for expert advice and information on the range of Leister tools and accessories available.

APPLICATIONS Hot air is used in the following applications:

  • Various drying and heating processes
  • Shrinking and welding of packaging films and moulded parts
  • Heating of conveyor ovens or heat tunnels
  • Activating and loosening of fusion adhesives
  • Removing plastic mould flash
  • Sterilizing packaging materials such as bottles, corks, boxes and containers
  • Smoothing the coating on pills, putting a shine on chocolate, pralines and lipsticks
  • Soldering, marking, deicing

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