News | February 18, 2020

Direct Pack, Inc. Acquires Atmosphera Verde To Expand PET Plastic Recycling Capabilities

  • Atmosphera Verde will be re-named Direct Pack Recycling
  • New recycling facility will allow Direct Pack greater efficiency and ability to develop affordable custom packaging solutions from recycled PET plastic
  • Capable of recycling 20,000 tons of PET plastic annually

Azusa, CA /PRNewswire/ - Direct Pack, Inc. (DPI), a leader in sustainable, thermoformed plastic packaging, announced today that it is expanding its global operations with the acquisition of Guadalajara, Mexico based Atmosphera Verde that will now be known as Direct Pack Recycling – a facility capable of recycling 20,000 tons of PET plastic, including post-consumer PET thermoforms.

This new facility will allow the company to build on its sustainability commitment and move even closer to a truly closed loop recycling process. By working with its corporate and waste management partners to reclaim more of its own used packaging, DPI now has the in-house ability to reprocess it, and for it to become new thermoformed packaging again.

“Everything we do at Direct Pack is fueled by a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation with an ultimate goal of making PET plastic an infinite resource,” said Craig Snedden, President of Direct Pack, Inc. “Expanding our operations to include recycling is a natural fit and will allow us to be even more nimble in delivering affordable, custom packaging solutions, while also reducing waste and improving our overall impact on the environment.”

Direct Pack Recycling (DPR) will also aid in creating the material needed to manufacture the company’s unique BOTTLEBOX ® line of containers — made of post-consumer recycled PET bottles and thermoformed packages.

About Direct Pack, Inc.
Direct Pack, Inc. is a leader in sustainable, customized and innovative thermoformed food packaging, with a passion to truly understand customer needs and translate them into outstanding design solutions. Since the company's 2006 founding in Sun Valley, CA, our team of experts have designed some of the most innovative packaging in the market today; ensuring that there is always a strong focus on visual aesthetic, functionality and environmental sustainability. Direct Pack, Inc. is a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc. For more information, please visit:

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