Custom Manufactured Rubber Covered Conveying Belts

Source: Aarubco Rubber Company
Custom Manufactured Rubber Covered Conveying Belts
Custom manufactured rubber covered conveying belts help to preserve quality of extruded plastic, wire, and cable products.
Rubber covered conveyor belts, custom manufactured by Aarubco Rubber Co. to meet extrusion equipment production demands for quality assurance and equipment uptime, are designed to help maintain consistent shape and size of extruded plastics, wire or cable.

Aarubco covered belts are engineered to cushion, hold and provide the least amount of pressure needed to pull the extrusion in order to prevent deformities from occurring. Because the belt is in direct contact with the extruded product, maintaining tight belt tolerances helps to minimize extrusion variances and assure consistent product quality.

Optional contoured grooving designed to mate with the product profile, help to reduce product slippage, thus creating less abrasion and wear on the belts to extend operational life.

Aarubco selects from a variety of elastomeric materials to custom-match a belt cover to meet the performance requirements for an extrusion application. Belt covers are available in virtually any color or thickness.

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