Company Profile | January 1, 1996

CTC Parker Automation

Source: CTC Parker Automation
CTC Parker Automation
Leaders in Operator Interface Since 1980

Since it was founded in 1980, CTC Parker Automation has applied all of its resources to developing, manufacturing, and marketing operator interface products to an international base of customers. This singular focus has enabled CTC to develop a comprehensive line of innovative operator interface solutions that are known for their ease of use, flexibility and performance.

CTC's first product, IPS2000, was the first intelligent panel system that reduced the need for hardwiring. Following this success, CTC launched ScreenWare2 which set the standard for real-time, animated graphics in the automation industry.

The next CTC breakthrough, ACCESS4000, not only cut hardwiring costs, but it also provided a method to integrate different operator interface technologies via a single coaxial cable.

With the release of Interact, CTC's technical expertise delivers the software package that can handle the full span of display-based operator interface needs. CTC's introduction of the PowerStation family of workstations gives users high performance, cost-effective ways to use Interact for their operator interface applications.

The Only Company that Offers Complete Machine Control Operator Interface Capability.

When it comes to operator interface, don't settle for anything less than complete machine control capability. Most companies address only a few of your machine control requirements, but there's really only one company that meets them all . . .CTC.