Cotton Bale Packaging

Source: Langston Companies, Inc.

Cotton Bale Packaging
When you turn to Langston for cotton packaging, you get a turn key job
When you turn to Langston for cotton packaging, you get a turn key job. Langston is the only company that manufactures and distributes the total package for covering cotton. We produce everything from spiral-sewn bags to wire ties to cotton module covers within our own facilities.

For years, Langston has worked hard and has been a key player in developing the standards for cotton bale covering. Cotton-Tainers, spiral-sewn bags produced in woven polypropylene or burlap, can be applied outside the bale press to reduce bale production costs. Our years of experience insure proper sizing.

Langston is also a prominent leader in producing fixed-length wire bale ties. Our ties are snag resistant, meet uniform specifications, simplify handling and reduce tie failures. Langston invented the patented "Hergo" bale tying system which eliminates labor at the gin.

Langston also offers a full line of covering and wire ties for packaging cotton linters and motes, as well as miscellaneous supplies such as sample bags, module marking ink, module tie down rope and wire extensions.

Our own fleet of trucks can quickly deliver to you from our numerous locations in the Cotton Belt Region.

Others may offer some of these products or services but only Langston can provide the complete package on all products. Many years of experience and "in-house" control over production and delivery assure you of the right product at the right time to meet seasonal demands.

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