Clean-Out-Of-Place Gear Pump Brings Filling Benefits to Sanitary Markets

Clean-Out-Of-Place Gear Pump Brings Filling Benefits to Sanitary Markets

Dubbed as a "whole new concept" for filling applications in the sanitary markets, the new CleanGear rotary pump is a clean-out-of-place (COP) stainless steel gear pump solution that offers simple, tool-less design.

The patent-pending CleanGear is manufactured by Hypro Industrial Products Group (New Brighton, MN) and is available from Oden Corp. (Buffalo, NY). The sanitary low-speed positive-displacement rotary gear pump has only two moving parts, making it easy to use yet durable. The tool-less design allows for simple pump installation, removal and cleaning teardown.

"The CleanGear Pump is a whole new concept that will provide new opportunities in the sanitary markets," notes Iver J. Phallen, president of Oden. Besides having only two moving parts, the gear pump's economical design employs just one shaft seal.

Low-cost alternative
The rotary gear pump provides a low-cost alternative to traditional sanitary pumps. It's constructed of an investment cast 316L SS pump body and 1.5-in. Tri-Clamp ports, along with Teflon bearing liners, 17-4 PH hardened SS gears, oversized SS shafts with spline drive coupler and a heavy cast SS mounting base. The industrial corrosion-resistant stainless steel components provide for maximum pump life in non-lubricating fluids, sanitary liquids, tough solvents and other harsh chemicals.

The CleanGear pump achieves drive speeds to 500 rpm, up to 6 gpm, with viscosities exceeding 100,000 cps. There's a wide-ranging pumping capacity temperature range, from –20°F to 250°F, to offer diversified fluid handling capabilities for non-particulated low- to high-viscosity liquids in the full range of sanitary applications and industries.

Flexibility and options
Interchangeable gear sizes are available with capacities of 1.5 gpm, 3 gpm and 6 gpm. Shaft seal options include dynamic O-ring, mechanical or lip seal; multiple pump mounting and port direction options are also available.

The quick and easy gear size changes and seal options provide versatile and flexible functionality all in one pump. Pump ports can be oriented at various angles, including vertical, allowing for free draining. Fully approved smart drives, servo-pump and dosing modules are available.

The pump's sanitary use and approval listings include 3A, USDA and NSF 51, offering sanitary and food grade use for metering, transfer and process applications. Markets include food, pharmaceutical, bio-medical, cosmetic and personal care.

For more information:
Oden Corp., 255 Great Arrow Ave., Buffalo, NY 14207-3024, Tel: 800-658-3622 or 716-874-3000, Fax: 716-874-1589.
Hypro Industrial Products Group, 375 Fifth Ave. NW, New Brighton, MN 55112, Tel: 800-471-0460, Fax: 800-672-7023.