News | May 19, 2000

Campbell's to Launch Pull-Top Soup Cans

Campbell’s to Launch Pull-Top Soup Cans

The old-fashioned can opener could soon become a relic thanks to changes announced yesterday by Campbell Soup Co.

As part of Campbell's most comprehensive new product and packaging initiatives in its history, the Camden, NJ company is incorporating pull-top easy-open lids on cans of its new lineup of ready-to-serve soups — Campbell's Ready to Serve Classics. The new easy-open packaging will cover 70 Campbell varieties, including soups in the company's Chunky and Select lines.

In announcing the initiatives yesterday, Campbell said the new products and packaging are designed to make its popular soups more convenient for consumers and reinvigorate its core soup business. Campbell's brand soups currently have almost 90% household penetration in the United States.

The Campbell's Ready to Serve Classics will be available in a ready-to-serve format. The key to the easy-opening packaging will be full-panel, pull-top can ends. The convenient, easy-open lids, supplied by Crown Cork & Seal (Philadelphia), will be on all Campbell's ready-to-serve soups. The company says this is the first application of pull-top lids in the branded soup category in the United States.

The pull-top packaging, which a consumer can open without the use of any instruments — including a can opener — will begin appearing on store shelves in July.

Included in Campbell's Ready to Serve Classics line are such popular varieties as Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Creamy Tomato, Minestrone, Alphabet Vegetable, Bean with Bacon, and Chicken with Rice.

"The initiatives announced today reflect our strategy to invest in our core soup brands by enhancing their points of difference to consumers," said F. Martin Thrasher, president - North America Soup and Sauce. "The new Campbell's Ready to Serve Classics are a perfect complement to Campbell's condensed varieties that have been enjoyed by consumers for generations."

The changes are the result of consumer research and test market feedback. Almost half of consumers say convenience is the number one reason behind their food purchase decision, according to Thrasher.

"In test market, the convenience of our easy-open packaging appealed to consumers, and we experienced increased sales volumes from both new and existing household customers for our ready-to-serve soups," said Thrasher.

In addition to new ready-to-serve soups and easy-open packaging, Campbell also announced several new products, including: Campbell's Red & White cooking soups, new Campbell's Chunky soups, and two new chicken varieties of Campbell's Select soups.

Edited by Bill Noone