Case Study

BBA's Sweet Solution for Aroma Chemicals

Pine cleaners, lavender water and rose scented lotions may smell different but the one thing they have in common is that they are all made with aroma chemicals manufactured by Bush Boake Allen Inc. BBA's Aroma Chemical division, Jacksonville, FL, utilizes crude sulfate turpentine as the starting point for nearly 60 different fragrances, including pine, lilac, rose, lavender and violet. Functioning primarily as building blocks for fragrances, aroma chemicals are found in many products which we use each day, such as soaps, detergents, cleansers, toiletries and cosmetics.

Recently a household product manufacturer wanted to purchase aroma chemicals from BBA. One of the customers requirements was to have the products to be shipped in intermediate bulk containers.

BBA asked Hoover Materials Handling Group Inc. to assist in designing the proper IBC for the customer's needs. Together, Hoover, BBA, and the customer produced a custom-designed, 400-gallon, stainless steel Liquitote with a "L" shaped suction tube that enables the end user to extract the product from the top.

All Liquitotes are submerged in Hoover's electroclean solution, a polishing agent that dissolves welding residue and erase blemishes. This process results in a satin finish which keeps the Liquitotes looking newer longer, improving the image of BBA's product in the eyes of their customers.

With annual sales of nearly $100 million, products shipped in Liquitotes represent nearly 17% of BBA Jacksonville's domestic sales.