Case Study

BAYER AG Finds Emission-free Packaging Solution for Toxics

The chemical industry demands very high performance when it comes to packaging toxic chemicals. Emissions must be kept to an absolute minimum, and the filling process must be safe in order to protect operators as well as the environment.

Bayer AG in Dormagen, Germany, kept these considerations in mind when it recently selected Chronos Richardson (Hennef, Germany) to design various bagging solutions for pesticides. Three machines have now been ordered by Bayer, and two are already in operation.

Using the proven CHRONO-FILL PBS 1200, the entire filling, sealing and checking area has been enclosed and additional aspirators installed to ensure that the plant remains virtually dust-free. A new feature of the Chronos Richardson system is the overflow control. In order to ensure a high degree of safety during the filling process, a microwave barrier controls the product level. The bagging is automatically brought to a halt in the event of material overflow.

Another feature of the CHRONO-FILL PBS 1200 is the seal checking system, which has been installed immediately following the closing mechanism. A monitor is used to check whether product particles are expelled when the bag is placed under pressure. If particles are detected, a fault and alarm stops the system. After successful sealing, bags leave the enclosed machine for conveying to the palletizer.

Difficult-to-handle Bags
The products being bagged by Bayer AG vary in structure and are very difficult to handle. Some require a "vacuum compression chamber" prior to filling, which the CHRONO-FILL PBS 1200 provides. In addition to these capabilities, the machine can easily be cleaned.

The machines have been designed for filling weights between 10 kg and 30 kg. Integrated guiding rings also enable the system to be used in conjunction with plastic or woven polyethylene bags.

Additional features of the filling and sealing system include an adjustable densifier, a secondary ventilation mechanism and a bag folding/sealing mechanism. A CHRONO-PAL PL 400C compact palletizer and a wrapping machine completes the packaging system.

For more information: Ed Lopez, Chronos Richardson, Tel: 0 22 42 8 83-0, Fax: 0 22 42 8 83-1 86; (in the U.S., Tel: 800-284-3644, Fax: 973-227-8478).