News | August 19, 2022

BASF And Nippon Paint China Jointly Launch Innovative Industrial Eco-Packaging In China

Pioneering application of water based Joncryl HPB dispersions in construction materials packaging, making "Paper Replacing Plastics" a reality in industrial packaging

Reduction of thousands of tons of plastics and enabling the reuse of nearly 10,000 tons of paper bags each year

Building a sustainable and green value chain in China’s industrial packaging market

BASF and Nippon Paint China, the leading coatings manufacturer, jointly launched an eco-friendly industrial packaging, which has been adopted by the Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar series products. With BASF's water-based acrylic dispersion Joncryl High-Performance Barrier (HPB) as the barrier material, the new packaging material is commercialized for the construction dry mortar products of Nippon Paint. It is the first time BASF’s water-based barrier coatings will be used in industrial packaging in China.

With excellent vapor and water resistance properties, Joncryl HPB, can replace plastics used in traditional packaging and significantly improve the recyclability of paper-based packaging, achieving innovative application of "Paper Replacing Plastics" in industrial packaging.

Its use in Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar series products is expected to save thousands of tons of plastics and reuse nearly 10,000 tons of paper bags each year, helping to save forests, land, water, electricity, and other resources, reduce carbon emissions and achieve a circular economy and sustainable development of the packaging industry.

"Sustainability and innovation have always been our core strategies,” said Carol Jiang, Business Management Director, Resins for Printing & Packaging, BASF in Asia Pacific. “At BASF, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers to help them reduce carbon footprint, utilize resources efficiently, and help the industry fulfill its sustainability commitments. This cooperation with Nippon Paint is another innovation in the industrial packaging segment, marking our joint effort in leading the industry development, promoting a circular economy, and creating a better life."

Kevin By, President of Procurement Headquarters, Nippon Paint China, commented, “Sustainability is an important strategy that Nippon Paint has been adhering to for years. The cooperation with BASF is a step forward on the path of green development. Nippon Paint will continuously be a green 'activist,’ connecting upstream and downstream partners across the industry chain to build a green ecology through the eco-upgrade of product packaging and lead the new trend of sustainable packaging to green development a core competency."

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Source: BASF