News | June 3, 2019

AJG Packaging Announces Two All-In-One Dispensing Applicator Innovations

AJG Packaging, a leading provider of unique and noteworthy packaging delivery solutions is introducing two new delivery systems for liquids and lotions.

Flemington, NJ (PRWEB) - A liquid reservoir and applicator all-in-one, both the VersaPad™ and SnapPad® feature low profiles, fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and hold a pre-measured amount of product until it is needed. Highly compact packages, each serves as an easy-to-use, mess-free applicator. Upon pinching or “snapping” the product chamber, the product is released, permeating the applicator and ready for usage.

In addition to its North America representation of CaseMed Engineering, the developer of these ingenious applicator technologies, AJG Packaging will be providing samples, testing, filling and secondary packaging support, for end-to-end tailored turnkey solutions. These delivery systems are ideal for a variety of facial care products, makeup removers, acne products, body lotions, foams, tanning oils, and other personal care and medical-grade hygienic products. Both single-use, drip-free systems deliver clean, hygienic, touchless application of products, reducing the risk of contamination or infection.

“We are extremely excited to be offering these consumer-friendly dispenser technologies,” AJG Packaging CEO, Matthew Grimaldi commented. “Previous systems developed by others have encountered product delivery mishaps, cost issues, and manufacturing problems. CaseMed Engineering has totally eliminated those frustrations. With VersaPad and SnapPad, they are no longer a concern and as a result, we’ve had tremendous initial interest from a number of major brands.”

A unique liquid reservoir and applicator all-in-one, the VersaPad delivery system features pull-tab activation which can be either hidden or exposed. This automated pad technology is available in either single or double-sided configurations and can be designed to deliver a heated product upon application. Double-sided configurations have the added ability to combine two different solutions, powders, crystals or a combination of either at the time of activation. VersaPad sizes can accommodate one-to-four fingers in a variety of shapes and is available in a full range of colors. The one-time-use format is latex-free, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

With a comfortable single-hand profile, SnapPad is convenient, compact and highly portable. This single-use dispensing applicator features single, dual or multi-chamber reservoirs with pinch activation. An optional pull tab is also available. SnapPad also has the ability to hold multiple substrates and various surface textures from soft to exfoliating and also accommodates a broad range of product viscosities from water to ointments. The drip-free delivery system offers a wide range of shapes and sizes for the chambers and pads. Pull-tab activation and a foil layer for increased protection, brand identification and usage instructions are also available as options.

“Both the VersaPad and SnapPad are cost-effective, highly customizable solutions that are ideal for consumer use, whether in the home or while on the go,” Grimaldi concluded. “Initial acceptance has been outstanding, as brand owners are recognizing the opportunity for increased market growth that these exceptional delivery systems represent.”

About AJG Packaging
AJG Packaging is a family-owned company providing a full range of packaging solutions for projects of all sizes in a variety of industry sectors that include pharmaceutical, personal care, health and beauty, food, beverage, household, and others. Headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey, AJG Packaging serves a long list of clients both domestic and international with innovative, patented and sustainable packaging and manufacturing services.

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