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  1. MOCON’s New ‘Advanced Packaging Solutions’ Is First To Address Entire Food/Package Life Cycle
    MOCON, Inc. has established Advanced Packaging Solutions, designed as a first-of-its-kind, one-stop approach for the analysis of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. and related packaging from raw material to transport to shelf life.
  2. MOCON’S Standard-Setting OpTech™ O2 Platinum Analyzer Now Offers ‘Film Cells’ For Flexible Material Testing
    MOCON, Inc. is introducing film cells as optional add-ons to its recently launched cost-effective OpTech™ – O2 Platinum analyzer.
  3. FLAMELESS ADWEST Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Food Processing
    Adwest Technologies’ RETOX Dual Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems provide proven 99% and greater VOC Abatement with a corrosion resistant ceramic heat exchanger rated up to 97% effective primary heat recovery for low system energy and operation costs.
  4. New Mocon-Certified Testing Lab To Open In Mumbai
    MOCON, Inc. is partnering with Hemetek Techno Instruments, Mumbai, India to establish a certified testing lab there. The lab officially opens January 2010.
  5. Multisorb Technologies Introduces APA-9000 High-Speed Canister Dispenser
    Multisorb Technologies, the global leader in active packaging technologies, introduces its new APA-9000 high-speed canister dispenser for healthcare product packaging applications.
  6. Companies Work Together To Promote Anti-Microbial Products
    ATL (Ad Tape & Label Co. Inc.) is pleased to announce a joint venture with Eversharp Products, Franklin Park, IL, using Eversharp’s Samaritan Shield technology.
  7. MOCON’s New Package Testing Labs Open Door To ‘Try Before You Buy’ Purchase Approach For Instruments
    MOCON, Inc. has established multiple in-house package testing laboratories (United States, Germany and China) which allow companies to “test drive” instrumentation before they purchase.
  8. K-Tron Process Group Announces Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. As New Representative Providing Feeding, Pneumatic Conveying And Process Automation Systems For Northern Illinois, Northeast Indiana, Eastern Iowa And Wisconsin
    K-Tron Process Group announces Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. as the new representative organization serving northern Illinois, northeastern Indiana, eastern Iowa, and Wisconsin.
  9. Mettler-Toledo Launches Short Video On Product Inspection Capabilities
    Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed and Mettler-Toledo Safeline, the worldwide leaders in product inspection equipment, are pleased to introduce their new corporate capabilities video aimed at food and pharmaceutical processing manufacturers.
  10. K-Tron Process Group In Collaboration With Leistritz, Howorth Air Technology, Inc, Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, and Quadro Engineering Corp To Present Complimentary Seminar - 'Innovations In Pharmaceutical Processing'
    K-Tron Process Group formally announces its collaboration with Leistritz, Howorth Air Technology, Inc, Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, and Quadro Engineering Corp, presenting a complimentary technical seminar, “Innovations in Pharmaceutical Processing” that offers pharmaceutical processors detailed process and analytical information about key topics and trends in the industry.
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