• PMMI Welcomes New Members

    The Board of Directors of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, welcomed 29 new PMMI member companies recently.

  • PMMI Names Board Members

    The PMMI membership elected three members to four-year terms on the PMMI Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors chose its Executive Committee for 2014 at PMMI’s Annual Meeting this week.

  • High Density Liquids – Only Packed Safely With WERIT’s TOPline UN Certified IBC

    Maximum safety for the transport of hazardous goods: WERIT’s UN-certified TOPline IBC is the first Intermediate Bulk Container approved to handle densities that are well beyond standard. Almost all liquid goods with a density up to 2.4 are now packed securely including dyes, acids, varnishes, foodstuff, or other special solutions

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MiniPax Sorbent Packets

MiniPax® packets are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting sorbent packets which take up little space in packaging, yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity. MiniPax® packets are offered with a variety of sorbent blends and sizes to meet specific packaging needs.

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Global Vision Inc.

Global Vision Inc.

Proofreading and quality control inspection systems for packaging and artwork inspection
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