• GMA Applauds FDA Denial Of Petition For Mandatory GMO Labeling

    The Grocery Manufacturers Association issued the following statement from Pamela G. Bailey, president and CEO, in response to the FDA decision to deny a petition seeking mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products.

  • MadgeTech’s New ThermaLock Pro Data Logger Fixture For Canning Industry

    Food safety laws require all canned goods to be heated to certain temperatures internally to kill bacteria. The required temperature varies depending upon the food product but in all cases, proof of proper temperature levels and timeline must be documented and available in a report form as needed for validation

  • BPM Manufactures MG Grades For Specialty Paper Applications

    BPM Paper, a leader in the manufacturing of MG papers and specialty papers, manufactures an extensive range of machine glazed papers for the flexible packaging industry. With continuous improvements of machine modifications, BPM’s MG grades deliver consistent converting and print capabilities for specialty paper applications

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Packaging System for Smoked and Processed Meats
Packaging System for Smoked and Processed Meats
The company offers a wide range of Cook-In/Ship-In packaging systems for bulk items,
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