News | October 30, 2000

Versatility the key to new Imaje S8 ink jet printer

Source: Imaje USA
Versatility the key to new Imaje S8 ink jet printer

Imaje USA (Booth No. S-2440) will be unveiling its new "all-terrain" S8 ink jet printer, which the company says prints on all surfaces and will run under virtually any conditions. The S8 range of industrial printers will mark on special surfaces, in difficult environments — including dust and humidity — in variable or high temperatures.

The S8 pressurized printhead and new ink circuit ensure reliable and quality marking in all conditions. Starting up is simplified with the nozzle's new, patented automatic cleaning system. The solvents' fumes condenser integrated in the hydraulic system guarantees quality marking at a competitive cost. The user-friendly S8 printers have a large screen and an ergonomic keyboard for intuitive use (icons).

The S8 printers can run with a wide choice of inks making it possible to mark on all types of products (food, beverages) and on all surfaces (corrugated, aluminum, glass), or to use food inks and invisible inks. The S8 units are multi-jet systems, a technology that is unique to Imaje. At a given speed, a bi-jet S8 prints twice as many lines or the same number of lines twice as fast as any other printer on the market, according to Imaje.

Four models are available in the S8 range:
• S8 Classic, for simple marking with any ink.
• S8 Master, a highly flexible unit for all types of markings in all industrial environments.
• S8 IP65, to mark in the most difficult environments such as fresh produce, dairy products, cement factories, chemical and powder products.
• S8 Contrast, to mark on dark surfaces: wires, cables, tubes, metal sections in the electronic and automotive industries.

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