Single Drum Filling System

Source: Specialty Equipment
Single Drum Filling System
This is a complete system for filling drums
General Specifications

This is a complete system for filling drums. The system includes the following components:

  • Designed for standard, corrosive, hazardous or food grade applications and a variety of containers.
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel with Teflon seats and seals.
  • Typical filling cycle is 44 seconds for a 55 gallon drum of water, 80 gpm.
  • 2" dia. Product valving for faster flow rates and increased production.
  • Ball valves in series to help eliminate water hammering.
  • Height-adjustable fill arm for capturing fumes.
  • Product level tracking to minimize foaming and fumes.
  • Heavy duty flexure lever scale base with single load cell, N.I.S.T.-approved.
  • Quick and easy lance removal for cleaning or changeover.
  • Microprocessor controls include:
    • Self-diagnostics
    • Operator prompts
    • Data acquisition
    • Display of instructions
    • Mainframe interface
    • Manual override
    • Valve operations

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