News | May 17, 2011

New Consulting Service From Bosch Optimizes Packaging Line Efficiency

  • Tailored solutions to improve overall efficiency
  • Focus on increasing machine availability, performance and output quality
  • Continuous monitoring boosts productivity and profits

At Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, Bosch Packaging Technology introduced the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Consulting Service. As competition intensifies, increasing efficiency continues to be a main objective of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. To support this, Bosch offers a new consulting service to detect process-disturbing factors, such as downtime, low machine output and product waste. "Every minute of production counts and it is therefore crucial for manufacturers to determine the exact causes of losses to maximize overall line efficiency," said Roland Pichler, Manager OEE Consulting, Bosch Packaging Technology.

The structured approach identifies root causes of losses in availability, performance and quality. The individually tailored solutions will also suggest improvements to implement. Bosch specialists work closely with manufacturers throughout this process and offer the expertise and technical know-how to ensure productivity and profits are optimized over the long-term.

The OEE Consulting service starts with an OEE audit, where Bosch experts review the current manufacturing set-up including individual machines and entire packaging lines. Production data is gathered about three key areas: machine availability, performance and output quality.

A detailed, statistical evaluation of the data is then conducted. Reviewing machine availability data allows Bosch to identify sources of unplanned downtime. The performance assessments determine the amount of output wasted by running machines at less than optimal speed. Finally, output quality is dissected to understand how much time is wasted from producing products that do not meet quality standards. Bosch conducts the evaluation of the three key areas across an extended period of time and summarizes data in a report to provide insights into overall line efficiency.

Detailed action plan
Based on the audit findings, Bosch experts present a detailed plan of action to detect the root causes of any losses and improve line efficiency. Improvements can be achieved through reducing downtime, improving process flow, reducing waste, increasing machine output and boosting quality. Recommendations include installing new equipment, modernizing existing equipment, and preventive maintenance activities such as maintenance team training. As part of the OEE Consulting service, Bosch also provides continuous performance monitoring showing improvements resulting from implemented recommendations and providing ongoing advice on additional line adjustments.

SOURCE: Bosch Packaging Technology