News | October 23, 2019

Microcellular Foaming Agents For PET, PP And PS For Packaging, Sheet And Thermoforming

New Ecocell® Grades for Reduce Material Usage, Faster Thermoforming Cycles and Energy Savings

Rockaway, NJ (PRWEB) - Polyfil, Inc has announced that it has developed two grades of Ecocell®, a chemical foaming agent technology, designed for sheet and thermoformed articles used for consumer, food, medical, electronic and industrial packaging. Ecocell® is a patented system using nanotechnology to produce foams with very fine cells in the microcellular range. It is added as a masterbatch/concentrate to the resin before extrusion. It will reduce polymer usage by reducing weight, speed up thermoforming cycles and reduce carbon footprint.

The sheet and thermoforming grades being offered are compatible with PET, Polystyrene, Polypropylene and all other Polyolefins. On standard extrusion processes, density reductions of up to 30% can be expected while still keeping product integrity. Recommended usage rates for the Ecocell® concentrates range from 1%-3%. As compared to typical endothermic CFAs, it produces the smallest cell size which typically ranges from 40-100 microns. The technology produces closed foam cells to confine liquids, a smooth and appealing surface, and no blowouts in the thermoforming process. Studies have shown that the typical thermoformer will experience faster cycles with Ecocell® due to lower heating requirements and a reduction in dwell time. Although it is classified as an endothermic CFA, it does not contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) typical of today’s endothermic technology. On a weight basis, it evolves less water and has only one activation temperature for a more stable process. Both Ecocell® products are in commercial use in PET, PS and PP sheet for thermoforming.

Polyfil’s plant and technical activities are based in Rockaway, NJ. The company is a member of the Kafrit Group headquartered in Israel. Polyfil specializes in functional additives for the plastics industry. For more information contact: Polyfil Incorporated.

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