News | April 18, 2023

MAX Solutions Introduces Eco-Friendly Blister Packaging Alternative


MAX Solutions, Inc., a differentiated specialty packaging platform launched in 2021, is pleased to introduce MAX Ecoblister™ - an innovative, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic blister-packs.

MAX Ecoblister™ combines the paper recyclability of both a fiber top card and a PaperFoam® tray - as well as the compostability of the tray itself - to offer brands a complete, turn-key solution with both the functionality and aesthetic presentation they need while taking plastic out of their packaging.

“Due to our precision injection molding process, MAX Ecoblister™ offers advanced geometries, design details and unlimited color options – things you don’t get with a molded fiber tray,” said Dustin Wills, Vice President of PaperFoam Sales NA at MAX Solutions. “That’s a game-changer for brands looking to deliver a high-end consumer experience in an environmentally responsible way.”

“From an operational standpoint, MAX Ecoblister™ seals on existing blister sealing lines at the same speed and heat as plastic but with half the pressure,” said Dennis Kaltman, President and Chief Operating Officer of MAX Solutions. “Transitioning to a more sustainable solution has never been easier.”

The partnership between MAX Solutions and PaperFoam® gives brand owners the ability to source a complete solution with one purchase order to include tray, top card and pack out as well as production capabilities in the USA, Europe and Asia to support global releases. For more information on MAX Ecoblister™, visit

“Our commitment to the environment is woven throughout everything that we do – whether it’s where & how we build our manufacturing facilities, the investments we make in carbon-neutral technology, the bio-based, compostable & recyclable solutions we design, or how we source materials,” said Marc Shore, CEO of MAX Solutions. “As the dynamic between people and the planet evolves and we learn more, we will continue to invest in new ways for MAX Solutions to deliver on our customers’ needs in the most environmentally responsible way.”

About MAX Solutions

Founded by industry veterans Marc Shore and Dennis Kaltman, MAX Solutions seeks to impact its customers, employees, communities and the environment through specialty packaging solutions that support the healthcare and consumer segments. The Company delivers this unmatched impact by investing in next-generation technology, building and supporting an exceptional team of people and never placing limits on creativity. For more information, visit

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