News | May 17, 2001

Leading the world in packaging: Tetra Pak Canada Inc. launches 1000ml Tetra Prisma(R) Aseptic square in Canada

Leading the way in packaging innovations, Tetra Pak Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, ON) is the first of Tetra Pak's 165 global markets to launch the innovative new 1000ml Tetra Prisma® Aseptic square package. In fact, the concept behind this package development was developed in Canada. This new design is an eight-sided, family-sized aseptic carton that features a new easier to use closure system.

"Tetra Pak provides packaging and processing solutions for markets around the globe," said Paulo Nigro, President of Tetra Pak Canada Inc. "We are very proud that Canada is the first market in the world to launch this innovative addition to Tetra Pak's family-sized packaging offerings."

Tetra Pak, a global leader in packaging and processing innovation has released the Tetra Prisma® in Canada though its customer A. Lassonde. Currently, the package is only available in Ontario. A. Lassonde has begun packaging its Allen's brand 100% pure apple juice, 100% pure orange juice, grape cocktail, peach cocktail and fruit punch juices in the new format. Helping maintain the product's freshness after the carton is opened is the innovative Recap 3P closure, which opens and closes easier and has an updated, more efficient opening for ease of pouring.

Last year, A. Lassonde's became the first company in North American to use the 250ml Tetra Prisma® Aseptic carton for its Oasis Health Break juice cocktails in the Quebec market. Also eight-sided, the 250ml format features a silver metallic outer coating that makes it stand out visually on crowded store shelves. The decision to use the 250ml Tetra Prisma® has proven very successful for A. Lassonde with initial sales exceeding expectations. The company is also the first Tetra Pak customer to market both the family and portion sizes of this package anywhere in the world.

"The Tetra Prisma® has a very innovative eye-catching design, with all of the product benefits of Tetra Pak's aseptic packaging," said, Benoit Boucher. "The launch of our Oasis Health Break brand in the 250ml version of the packaging has been a great success and we are looking forward to building on that success with the 1000ml Tetra Prisma® with our Allen's brand juices."

Seventy percent of a Tetra Prisma® package is paperboard, which makes the package stiff and helps protect the product against light. A thin layer of polyethylene on each side of the paperboard makes the package leak proof and provides a barrier against recontamination. A 0.0065 mm thick layer of aluminum foil is sandwiched between layers of polyethylene. The foil provides a high barrier layer for protection against air, light and off-flavours plus it extends the shelf life of products without using refrigeration or preservatives.

A. Lassonde Inc. and Tetra Pak Canada Inc. were recently honoured with an Envirowise Award for Responsive Packaging from the Packaging Association of Canada. The Envirowise Award takes into account the environmental impact of the entire lifecycle of a package including the 3Rs (source reduction of materials, reusability and recyclability), recycled content, environmental labelling and disposal.
B. As with the Tetra Brik® Aseptic cartons, Tetra Prisma® is able to be recycled through collection and deposit programs by more than 70% of Canada's households.

Tetra Pak Canada, which is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, provides innovative processing and packaging solutions to liquid food and cheese manufacturers. In Canada, the company is best known for its popular Tetra Brik® Aseptic "drink box" carton, which is safe, convenient, and environmentally sound.

SOURCE: Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

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