News | March 29, 2018

Contract Packaging Association Releases State Of The Industry Report: Data, Insights, Research, And Perspectives From Industry Leaders


The Contract Packaging Association (CPA) announces the release of their State of the Industry Report. This comprehensive benchmark study provides valuable insights for anyone involved in the industry.

The State of the Industry report is based on a 100-question interview from 120 CEOs and senior industry executives, combined with separate primary and secondary research. The report is an invaluable planning tool for anyone connected to the contract packaging and manufacturing industry.

The contract manufacturing and contract packaging industry serving US food and CPG sectors is currently USD 25.67B and projected to continue growing at over 3X the pace of the sectors it serves. The trends driving and supporting this growth are rated by industry leaders for their impact, including:

  • The Amazon Effect / The Walmart Effect
  • Private Equity Investment / Legacy Ownership
  • Customer, Grocer, and Industry Consolidations
  • Offshore and Mexico-based Competition and more

“One example of change is the rise of private equity,” said Ron Puvak, CPA managing director, “Investment levels and investor size are both increasing, with larger firms such as Goldman Sachs PE Group now investing in our rapidly evolving industry.”

Unlike third-party statistical research summaries, the report goes beyond the numbers, combining executive insights with qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research.

Said Tim Koers, CPA president, “Our industry continues growing at double-digit rates, becoming a critical part of food and CPG supply chains. This report dives into why, exploring the trends, drivers, and headwinds shaping that future.”

Topics in this 130-page report include:

  • Defining the Food/CPG industry by scope and revenue
  • Industry CAGR 2015–2020 packaging/manufacturing
  • The rise of Private Equity
  • Industry consolidation trends
  • The labor market and widening talent GAP
  • Demographics on size, company age, locations, revenue
  • Enterprise technology implementations and penetration rates
  • Industry marketing and business development trends
  • Sustainability trends and much more

“This is a rare, front-seat view for anyone investing in, selling to, or depending upon this industry,” said Vicky Smitley, immediate past CPA president. “This report contains valuable information we will use in our business in 2018 and beyond.”

The Contract Packaging Association State of the Industry Report is released today and available for $1,995. For details, to order, or to download a table of contents, please visit the official report site

Click here to request the table of contents and more information.

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