News | December 11, 2018

Alluma Tech Introduces The Next Generation Of Neon Products


Ray Starsiak, Executive Vice President of Alluma Tech, announced today that the company has launched a new line of neon products called Noen-LED.

“We are really excited about the new Noen-LED line. We feel that this will revolutionize illuminated POS. In the Noen line, LED’s are embedded into silicone flex tubes for long-life brightness in high-heat windows. We see this innovation as the tipping point in the industry to shift away from traditional neon,” said Starsiak.

Noen-LED products have numerous benefits over current offerings. The signs are less expensive and will last as long as traditional neon. Noen signs exceed neon’s brightness and will sustain that brightness in any window placement. Customers are already specifying dimmers for interior retail placement. With Noen-LED products, there is no breakage because the silicone flex tube is bendable and will not break like neon glass. This results in savings in shipping costs and warehouse space. Twice as many signs will ship per pallet in much smaller boxes with no over packing, which also offers environmental benefits. Companies achieve less packaging waste and save money by using a smaller cube weight when shipping.

Noen signs also contain no mercury, which leads to no disposal concerns. Additional green benefits include less power consumption with the safety and reliability of 12-volt power. There are battery options in development for unplugged applications. Noen products will last as long as traditional neon while maintaining the graphic look and feel of neon.

“Neon signs have served the POP industry for over 100 years. They remain the sign of choice despite having many drawbacks. They are fragile to handle, power consuming and costly to display. As companies learn more about the benefits of Noen-LED products, the industry will embrace this new generation of neon alternatives to support their branding efforts,” said Starsiak.

Alluma Tech is the leader in illuminated POS branding technologies. The company was founded by Mike Nissen and Ray Starsiak, two industry veterans in the illuminated light industry. The company offers a complete line of products, including neon signs, LED signs, displays and custom products. For more information about Noen-LED products, including detailed comparison with traditional neon, visit .

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